Seb D.T. aka Earthman Jack create his Music at Acarya Vision Studio in a North Appalachian Village.
As a Nature Lover, he try to share his Forest Bathing experience through his Music and Visual content.


New Song Under That Tree, july 2021

Under That Tree was a song inspired by a lazy summer day. A moment of peace, head up, looking at the leaves dancing in a hot breeze.




Here some greats comments
Salotto Musicale, Musical Journalist : I really like this song. I like its structure and how it evolves. I like this dreamy atmosphere that you managed to create. It is a song that moved me a lot. A really nice project!
Listnerd, Spotify curator : Beautiful composition. Loved the amazing arrangements. Nice sounds, especially the piano! Beautiful mystic and magical atmosphere.
Raighes Factory, Label and Spotify curator : I really loved the backgrounds noise. Beautiful mysterious mood. Loved the minimalist piano and the guitar too.


Relax by Nature EP, june 2020
This Immersive 3D Binaural album was recorded with 360° microphones and mixed in binaural audio.
For Meditation, Yoga or mindfulness practice, even if you need a shinrin yoku mood in your office and home.
– Be Sure to enjoy it with Headphone –
Here some greats comments
Lucid Dreams, online radio with over 100,000+ : The songs has a great ambient soundscape
Listnerd, Spotify curator : Beautiful sounds! Really nice and soft. I really love to listen to the sound of nature! It’s amazing! And the mixing with the binaural audio is really great idea!
Jeremy Lim, Spotify curator : This is perfect underscore. There’s such an earthy feel to the ambience.


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