ONF/NFB Short film about nature’s place in humans lifes

Attuned, by National Film Board of Canada

Attuned, Steve Verreault and Sébastien Dave Tremblay, by National Film Board of Canada

Co-Directed with Cinematographer Steve Verreault, “À l’Affût” / “Attuned” try to immerse the viewer in a soft nature journey. We follow Photographer Hugues Deglaire in a trip to a forest near humans habituation. He talk about how we evacuate nature from our life. But mostly, how we can slowly reintroduce and reconnect with nature in a daily routine. The photographer also talk about all the benefits of that contact.


Photos by Steve Verreault during the music’s recording session at the Leggatt’s Point Presbyterian Church.

Photos by Seb D.T. during the shooting of the film and some audio captations.