– Be Sure to enjoy it with Headphone –

Seb D.T. aka Earthman Jack create his Music at the Acarya Vision Studio from his North Appalachian Village.  As a Nature Lover, he try to share his Forest Bathing experience through his Music and Visual content.


This Immersive 3D Binaural album was recorded with 360° microphones and mixed in binaural audio. for Meditation, Yoga or mindfulness practice, even if you need a shinrin yoku mood in your office and home.


– Hi-Res 48khz / 24bits .Wav format available only on Bandcamp –

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Here some greats comments from Playlist Curators


Lucid Dreams : online radio with over 100,000+
The songs has a great ambient soundscape
Listnerd : Spotify curator
Beautiful sounds!
Really nice and soft. 
I really love to listen to the sound of nature!
It’s amazing! And the mixing with the binaural audio is really great idea!
Jeremy Lim : Spotify curator
This is perfect underscore. There’s such an earthy feel to the ambience.